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Planning your next Home Improvement project and somewhat overwhelming. Choosing the right contractor for the job can be a project by itself. Our Lead Submission process will assist you in receiving advice, suggestions and preliminary budget from top contractors in Southern California. The initial estimate, submitted to your e-mail, will give you some indications about completing a successful home renovation project.

When requesting an Initial estimate to be emailed to you please follow this simple guidelines:

  • It is an Initial estimate and a meeting at your home will be required.
  • Give a full description on the project.
  • Take some photos and upload them with this form. A picture is worth a thousand words !
  • Get a short Video of the project. Video will cover your project the best
  • The more the contractor knows, the more precise your intial estimate will be

Your lead submission will then be distribute according to the numbers of estimates you requested below. This will make it easier in self-screening the contractor way ahead.

  • The information you provide on this form will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes.
  • Upon successful submission, form will be cleared.


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Give a detailed description of the project and you may also upload photos.