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We offer a complete range of tools and services to help your contractor search, at no cost at all. This starts with our extremely accessible search engine, which you use to filter our contractors based on location and localization. We’ve also provided handy customer reviews, alongside a wealth of other information on each contractor page, so that you have all the information you need before talking to any contractor.

Finally, our Submit Lead system makes negotiations quick and easy.Get no strings attached estimates on any project right to your email from your shortlisted contractors using this intuitive tool on our website. We believe that Contractor’s Directory SoCal can provide the perfect platform to support and promote the development and online visibility of local home contractor businesses, and assist the home improvement consumer in finding the appropriate services accordingly.

contractorsdirectorySoCal.com seeks to become the recognized leader in this niche market. Its audience includes homeowners, commercial entities, and other professionals, as well as other home contractors, who require a service or simply want a direct way to find one another. This site is accessible to everyone at no charge. All home improvement licensed contractors located in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and Riverside Counties are encouraged to add a listing to our directory.

Our Background

Contractor’s Directory is the brainchild of reputable general contractors with several decades of experience working in and around Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and other cities across South California. With our extensive track record, built up over the years, we’ve gained an intimate familiarity with the needs of both residential & commercial clients across the region.

Through the feedback we received on our services, we learned that customers we dealt with were often hesitant to enlist the help of licensed contractors for their repairs, renovations and new building projects. In fact, many of our most trusted customers revealed that they had previously unsatisfactory experiences which had made them wary of working with new contractors.

Through further research, we learned of a variety of concerns individuals face on a daily basis when dealing with professional contractors. From issues with quality of workmanship and reliability to constant time delays and budget overruns, customer just weren’t receiving a level of service that warranted their investment.

Our Mission

In June of 2014, we established Contractor’s Directory SoCal to serve this glaring gap in the marketplace. Through our comprehensive platform, we can connect customers from all over the region to a carefully curated listing of only the most reputable and highly skilled specialty ccontractors in Southern California. Our directory differs from other online registries, because we put our relationship with customers first.

Where other sites function solely to serve up leads to aggressive sales teams, our directory is focused on providing customers with all the information they need to make up their own minds. Whether you need a bathroom remodeling or reactive maintenance done on certain areas of your property, you can find the most appropriate contractor at the best value using our intuitive search engine.

Ultimately, we want to take the hassle and hard work out of your construction projects. Every step in the hiring process from identification to negotiation to the final meeting can be optimized using our simple-to-use system.